Molasses (sugar cane) (Nile honey)

  • It is a sugary liquid of dense texture resulting from the concentration of cane juice by heating at temperatures that do not lead to it giving it a burning color or taste.
  • Standard specifications and health requirements for black honey manufactured by the Arab Union Company:
    • Molasses retains its dark brown color
    • A thick liquid devoid of crystallized materials or solids
    • Preserving the distinctive sweet taste free from any strange taste and free from pungent taste
    • Free from foreign odors and odors resulting from fermentation
    • Free from artificial colourings.


  • Humidity not more than 30%
  • The percentage of total solids is not less than 70%.
  • Total sugars are not less than 63% calculated as reducing sugars (invert sugar).
  • The pH is not more than 8 degrees and the volatile acids are no more than 0.2% calculated as acetic acid
  • The percentage of total ash is not more than 3%.
  • The number of mushrooms and yeast does not exceed 10% cells / gram
  • The product is free of E. coli bacteria (Escherichia coli)
  • The product is free from Salmonella bacteria.
  • The percentage of lead or arsenic does not exceed one in a million each
  • The percentage of copper does not exceed 10 parts per million

Benefits of black honey for the consumer

  • High source of energy, easy to absorb
  • Contains 34% of the daily requirement of vitamin B12 per 100 grams of blackstrap molasses
  • It contains a high percentage of calcium and phosphorous, which are the two main components in bone formation
  • It treats anemia in individuals and prevents malnutrition diseases, especially anemia, as one hundred grams of Nile honey contains six milligrams of iron.
  • The best food for children and the whole family in the cold weather because it gives the body high thermal energy. One hundred grams of Nile honey gives four hundred calories.
  • It is easy to digest and is considered a successful treatment for general weakness and pellagra, which is widespread in the countryside because it is rich in niacin.
  • Excellent for raising the level of hemoglobin in the blood (for the treatment and prevention of anemia)
  • Rich in calcium and phosphorous salts, which makes Nile honey a unique nutritional value
  • Helps relieve coughing, because it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, as children’s eating a spoonful of Nile honey before bed eliminates more than 47% of cough symptoms.

Molasses (date molasses) (Nile honey)

  • They are soluble solids resulting from the process of pressing or pressing soft dates or dates to give a dense liquid rich in nutritional value.

Juices (guava – manja – apple – cocktail) (yasso – dodo)

Tomato sauce (Nile sauce)

Vinegar (Nile Vinegar)

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